The DSC Casing Scraper Tool features the most advanced scraper technology currently available to the industry. design features ensure removal of rust, millscale, cement stringers, paraffin and other types of foreign debris from inside walls of the casing.  
  • Designed with 6 scraping blades to ensure 360 degree coverage inside the casing
  • Rotating stabilizer sleeves are incorporated to reduce torque and insure constant scraper contact with the inside of casing, tap and bottom at any angle of the casing bore
  • Scraper blades are machined from solid bar stock, no cast. The angle of the scraping edges on the blades ensure that no foreign matter is by-passed
  • The blades are spring mounted and held in place by two sub ends. These sub ends are torqued to the body with rotary shoulder connections
  • DSC Casing Scraper can be rotated
  • Can be run in combination with the DSC "V" Brushing Tool