InSol asphaltene/wax inhibitor/solvent is cutting-edge technology for the prevention and treatment of organic deposition problems in the formation and surface and subsurface facilities. Its development incorporates scientific know-how accumulated over the last 100 years. Recent advances in the prevention and treatment of asphaltene and wax problems have guided InSol's development and formulation. We predict that one day all asphaltene and wax problems will be solved using the InSol technology. What is the reason for this claim?

InSol is a superb product synthesized from tested ingredients that are friendly to most (if not all) formations. No adverse reactions are known between InSol and formation minerals. InSol treatments should not adversely influence the wettability of rock already plugged with asphaltenes and paraffins. InSol is a combination of a powerful asphaltene/wax inhibitor and a powerful asphaltene/wax solvent. The scientifically blended surfactants in InSol help break up the strong bonds of the asphaltene and wax particles with the formation minerals and carry them with the rest of the oil to the surface. Tests have shown that, on a per pound basis, InSol is the most cost-effective and most powerful product on the market. There are currently four InSol asphaltene/ wax products: InSol A, InSol W, InSol A/W, and InSol WPPD.

Additional Technical Information

Formation Damage
Properly designed InSol squeeze treatments can be used to remove existing organic scale from the near-wellbore formation. Similar squeeze treatments may be used for inhibition purposes to prolong the time between remedial treatments. In offshore and remote Arctic operations eliminating one or two squeeze remedial treatments per year by replacing an chemical like xylene with the more effective InSol translates into considerable savings for the operator.

Tubings and Flowlines
InSol may be used both as inhibitor and as remedial solvent/surfactant. Proper tests need to be made to determine whether it is preferable to inhibit or remedy an organic deposition problem.

Production Facilities
InSol injection in the tubing and flowlines will most likely protect the production facilities from organic deposition.

Storage Facilities
A portion of the re-suspended organic particles is expected to settle again in the storage facilities. Periodic batch treatments of the storage facilities with InSol can be designed to eliminate the accumulation of organic particles.

InSol is manufactured by Kosta Oil Field Technologies. Inc., an emerging company backed by talented professionals who have unparalleled state-of-the-art know-how in the area of asphaltenes, waxes, and well-bore related treatments. Currently, the company has distributors worldwide. The headquarters of Kosta Oil Field Technologies is in Stafford (a suburb of Houston), Texas.
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