DSC H.T. - 450
High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitor

DSC H.T. - 450 corrosion inhibitor is designed specifically for use in all packer fluids with temperatures exceeding those of conventional corrosion inhibitors. DSC H.T. - 450 reduces corrosion in heavy brines to less than 6 mils per year at 400°F (180 day test).

DSC H.T. - 450 is used to provide corrosion protection in brine fluids during workover/completion or a packer fluid. Like DSC 300, it forms a long-lasting coating on metal surfaces and provides excellent corrosion inhibition. DSC H.T. - 450 is completely soluble in high density brines such as calcium and zinc bromide. This product is stable to 450°F. Recommended treatment is in a range of 0.2%-0.5% (by wt.) of the brine.

Storage and Handling:
Hazard decomposition products: Fires fueled by other material, oxides of carbon nitrogen and sulfur and other toxic components can be generated. Wear self contained breathing apparatus. When heated to decomposition, toxic products can also be formed. KEEP CONTAINER CLOSED and USE ADEQUATE VENTILATION. DSC H.T. - 450 is packaged in 55 gallon drums.

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