Stimulation Additive and Cake Removal Agent

Outstanding Characteristics:
Maximum strength eco-friendly formulation for complete removal of oil base and synthetic oil base mud fluid cake and wellbore stimulation aid.

DSC Gold Flush SA
is an innovative, environmentally friendly, concentrated downhole cleaning agent. DSC Gold Flush SA is a fast, effective, non-toxic and non-corrosive solvent especially designed for use in horizontal and vertical wellbore stimulation and cleanup. Safely cleans all surface tanks, lines and manifolds. DSC Gold Flush SA contains several demulsifying agents and silt suspending agents especially formulated to quickly remove all wall-cake in a single pass application.

For precise downhole filter cake removal and elimination of wellbore damage from oil base and synthetic oil base drilling fluid losses, the recommended amounts of DSC Gold Flush SA will vary from each wellbore. These are some of the factors that have a significant effect upon the cleaning process (and tend to accelerate cleaning when using DSC Gold Flush SA): downhole temperature (heat), aggressive chemicals (DSC Gold Flush SA), contact time and mechanical cleaning (annular velocity and agitation).

For the highest level of critical cleaning only neat solutions should be used to avoid any potential for cross contamination and solvent saturation.

DSC Gold Flush SA is especially formulated to penetrate, dissolve and remove oil base and synthetic oil base drilling fluid wall cake, whole mud and filtrate formation losses. DSC Gold Flush SA is designed to synergistically work together with DSC Gold Surf S.

For a specific DSC Gold Flush SA recommendation, technical and application information is available to help provide the best DSC Gold Flush SA eco-friendly solvent for your downhole cleaning needs. Please call a DSC Customer Service Representative at 1-800-737-3546.

Shipping And Handling Instructions:
DSC Gold Flush SA
is shipped in 55 gallon drums, 350 gallon and 550 gallon stainless steel tote tanks. A Material Safety Data Sheet outlining recommended safe handling of DSC Gold Flush SA is available upon request.

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