The DSC Gold Combo Scraper Brush is the most technically advanced and robust casing cleaning tool available to the Oil and Gas Industry today. Design features make it ideal for removing rust, mill scale, cement stringers, paraffin and other foreign debris from inside walls of casing. The combination is lead by scraper blades acting on the most persistent and stubborn contaminants followed by brushes to ensure no debris remains, polishing the casing ID. Tool and packer malfunctions will be a thing of the past, hastening clean up time and saving valuable rig time and money.
  • Utilizes two tools in one to achieve maximum surface cleaning performance
  • No additional stablizer rental is required. Dynamically designed stabilizers protect the brushes from premature wear and the scraper blades from abuse while rotating
  • The entire tool is machined from solid bar stock 4145 heat treated SAE material. To give maximum strength and reliablity, absolutely no casting is used
  • Specialized tool joint connections can be machined to fit customer specific job requirements