Outstanding Characteristics:
BIO 3 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor bactericide and oxygen scavenger designed for use as a packer fluid additive. It is a blend of high molecular weight filming amines, aqueous bisulfite solution and thiocarbonate solution. BIO 3 performs as a corrosion inhibitor by preferentially adsorbing a thin molecular film on all metal surfaces, thereby stifling the corrosion process.

BIO 3 is and all purpose corrosion inhibitor designed for packer fluids, kill water, workover fluids, and pads prior to cementing. It is a liquid, multifunctional chemical that is effective against oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide corrosion. BIO 3 is water soluble at high brine concentrations.

The recommended treatment for BIO 3 is 55 gallons per 150-200 barrels of fluid. This dosage can vary depending on the type of fluid as well as depth and time which BIO 3 will be exposed for protection.

Handling and Storage:

Normal storage and handling as with any industrial chemical should be observed. In case of spills or contact with skin, eyes, or clothing, wash with plenty of water. Since emptied packages retain product residue, follow label warnings even after package is emptied. BIO 3 is available in 55 gallon, non-returnable, lined steel drums, and 5 gallon cans.

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