KO 1200
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

KO 1200
is a liquid, water soluble zinc chelate designed to scavenger H2S in most brine and fresh water drilling fluid systems. It also provides some degree of protection against corrosion resulting from oxygen. Being a liquid, it can be injected directly into the mud pump suction line with a chemical pump, thus avoiding costly and messy mixing of powders.

KO 1200 is compatible with all brine and fresh water polymer systems, all brine and fresh systems free of solids, brine water clay and starch systems, and weighted systems where additional dispersion is not a problem.

Drilling fluids should be pretreated with KO 1200 prior to drilling a formation suspected of containing hydrogen sulfide. One 55 gallon drum per thousand barrels of drilling fluid is recommended initially to scavenge up to 50-80 PPM soluble sulfide. Moderate H2S intrusions can be controlled by a daily continuos treatment of 7-12 gallons of KO 1200 through a chemical pump at the mud pump suction. Treatment of higher-volume intrusions require the injection of correspondingly larger quantities of KO 1200.
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