Viscosifier and Fluid Loss Control Additive

is a modified non-ionic natural polymer composed of pure hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC).

can be utilized to viscosify fresh and brine waters such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium bromide and calcium chloride. DSC VIS has all the viscosity building properties of natural gums and guars, but is not adversely affected by bacteria, polar compounds, divalent metal ions (i.e. Ca+2) or cement. With good mixing equipment, this product usually can be used to build high viscosities in low density brine waters. However, with poor mixing equipment, or poor agitation, there is the possibility of developing “fisheyes” (polymer that has not been completely wet and forms a ball or eye-shaped solid. This solid mass will not mix and is potentially damaging to the formation). If high densities are mandated or if the need for elevated viscosity is needed in higher density brines then DSC HEC LINEAR GEL, which is liquid HEC, should be used. Each HEC granule has been prewet with a hydrocarbon allowing the product to lose this coating slowly and assume the proper wetting rate, eliminating the possibility of fisheyes.

Like DSC HEC LINEAR GEL, DSC VIS is also acid soluble, enzyme degradable. A wide variety of breakers are also available. DSC VIS begin to thermally degrade at approximately 200°F. As with DSC HEC LINEAR GEL, this product can be stabilized to maximum temperature of 300°F with varying concentrations of DSC EXTENDER-75.

Recommended treatment is .5 to 3 lbs. per barrel

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