The DSC "V" Brushing Tool in uniquely designed to eliminate crude oil file, drilling mud wallcake, paraffins, cement residue and other difficult soils.  
  • Innovative "V" brush design simultaneously promotes self cleaning by elimination mud solids build up on the brush bristles while stopping surface contamination from becoming a problem source
  • Brushes withstand tough downhole cleaning demands utilizing strong, non-moving parts secured directly to the toll body for the toughest cleaning challenges
  • Rotating stabilizer sleeves especially designed to reduce torque and insure constant contact with the casing walls resulting in a uniformly clean surface
  • The most advanced downhole mechanical cleaning technology designed to penetrate inaccessible areas and leave a clean, residue-free surface
  • Versatile brush materials: Stainless Steel for harsh environments and Nylon, Bronze or Polypropylene for specialized surface cleaning applications
  • Works in combination with as additional DSC "V" Brushing Tool for maximum surface cleaning
  • Can be run in combination with the DSC Scraper Tool

Industry proven, consistent, reliable performance every time.
DSC’s “V” Brushing Tools are designed for cleaning in very detailed and confined spaces.